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by Trung Nguyen Coffee E-Store (Thursday, 9th August 2012)

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Older Item Catalog  >  Default  »  Creative Two (Robusta Arabica) - 250g Newer Item
Creative Two (Robusta Arabica) - 250g
RM16.90  MYR
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Creative Two (Robusta Arabica)

Blend of rich, bold Robusta and milder fragrant Arabica; one of our most popular and well-rounded coffees.

Meticulously blended, this Creative Coffee Inspiration is an enchanting mix of the world's two great coffee varieties. The result is a delicate merging of the desirable characteristics from each variety. Robusta Arabica coffee is light black in color, with a soft, gentle fragrance, and quiet tartness. The Trung Nguyen Arabica offers different fragrances from the Robusta, and together they produce a well-balanced coffee with a full aroma and a definite chocolate overtone. The adaptable Robusta Arabica is delicious when drunk hot, yet also delectable when drunk black over ice or with sweetened milk in the Vietnamese tradition


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